Cattle From Everywhere

Keeling Cattle Feeders gets their cattle through sale barns and private treaty, from “everywhere,” Keeling says: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arizona and Mexico. Almost all are crossbred cattle.

Keeling has found his place with these types of auction animals, which he describes as “one that might be a little bit lighter, a little bit harder to take care of,” he says. “We feel like we can do a good job of taking care of those high-risk cattle. We dont have to run so many of them; were taking in 100 head, while bigger yards are taking in 1,000 at a time. On a smaller scale we can give them the attention these type of cattle need. Its still hard to do, and we get humbled pretty regularly, but we feel like we can do a good job.”

He takes the lighter-weight cattle and grows them on a silage-based ration up to 700 pounds or so and then finishes them. “Its a real nice animal to market—the packers seem to like them.”